Issues Addressed in Therapy

A cancer diagnosis is a life-altering experience. Learning to navigate your new reality can be daunting and overwhelming. When facing cancer, you need support in every new stage of treatment, from the shock of the initial diagnosis, during chemo, radiation, or surgery, and through the transition to survivorship once treatment ends. That support is even more crucial for women facing a stage IV cancer diagnosis, whether that means living with cancer as a chronic illness or seeking acceptance at the end of life.

I work with adult women with any cancer diagnosis, as well as women caring for a loved one with cancer, and “previvors”- women who have been diagnosed with a genetic condition that increases cancer risk. I specialize in helping women with breast cancer, and run a local breast cancer support group. 

Topics discussed in therapy often include:

  • Coping with a new diagnosis or change in stage

  • Depression, anxiety, and stress

  • Understanding medical language, diagnoses, and treatment plans

  • Navigating the healthcare system and insurance plans

  • Sharing a diagnosis with family, children, friends, and coworkers

  • Body image and physical changes resulting from treatment

  • Working through treatment or taking time off

  • Decisions about fertility preservation

  • Planning for the future with advance directives

  • External stressors making it more difficult to cope with treatment

  • Adjusting to the role of caregiver for a parent or spouse with cancer

  • Planning lifestyle changes or preventative surgeries as a previvor

Additionally, I am trained as a sex therapist and sexuality educator, and believe that healthy, fulfilling sexuality is important in all stages of life. If you are struggling with sexual functioning, sexual desire, or sexual pain due to treatment, I will work with you to find solutions using a sex-positive framework.

Home-Based Therapy

In addition to my office in downtown Fairhaven, I offer home-based therapy to a limited number of clients. These time slots are reserved for clients who are actively in treatment or have lasting symptoms or side effects that limit functional ability. I will come to your home at the time of our scheduled one-hour appointment, and am also happy to conduct sessions in the hospital during inpatient stays.

There's no need to worry about the state of your home before our appointments- I don't expect a clean house! We just need a quiet space to talk; I travel with a white noise machine to place outside the door for privacy and confidentiality. I offer free 30-minute in-person or phone consultations to all prospective patients, to discuss your concerns and see if we are a good match before starting therapy.

LGBTQ-COmpetent Treatment

I work with all women, as well as individuals with a nonbinary gender identity. I have extensive experience doing therapy with people across the LGBTQ spectrum, and work to create a warm and open environment for all clients regardless of identity.